Friday, March 26th, 2010 | By Longboat Key News

Longboat Key has always been home to Hannerle. It is on Longboat Key where she has honed a perfect marriage of sales and marketing with the visual eye of an artist. That skill has driven her to the top ranks of real estate success year after year.

Hannerle spent her childhood surrounded by artists, writers and musicians while living on Longboat Key’s north end in the historic Longbeach Village. She attributes the artistic drive of her father, painter Robert McFarland, with helping her see through the eyes of an artist. She studied piano, ballet, painting and sculpture. She was also encouraged to make decisions — not only in her artwork — but to be successful in her own right and make her own way in the world. That she did and more.

At 20 years old, Hannerle started selling time-share on Siesta and Lido Keys. She discovered she was at ease talking with buyers and sellers. Her creative parents, who had strong intellectual and artistic ideas and influential friends, made her a good listener from an early age.

She studied sales, even to the point of putting a glass to the wall to listen and learn as some of the top producers negotiated with their clients.

“I would ask a lot of questions, synthesize the info and look at the inventory and what was available.”

At that early age she realized she could sell, and it was not long until she took that ability to listen intensely and married it with her artistic sensibilities.

A passion for marketing

As Hannerle was making her way in the real estate world in her early twenties, another Longboater, Michael Saunders, opened a luxury real estate firm in 1976. At 27, Hannerle started at Michael Sanders & Company, not in sales, but in marketing, which connected her directly to her visual roots.

“I talked to Michael and convinced her to bring all the marketing in-house.”

Hannerle and Michael saw eye-to-eye on matters of taste, branding and the need to position luxury property properly. Through the years with Michael, she worked her way up through the ranks to marketing director.

“Hannerle demonstrated a creative marketing mind, a dedication to professionalism and a positive attitude. She has honed these skills over the years and has served her customers and clients well,” says Michael Saunders.

But after some time, Hannerle missed working directly with customers. She said she had an ideal position at the company, but her sales skills drove her to sell advertising at an area newspaper.

“I learned at the newspaper to become an individual ad agency for every customer. I gave him or her personal attention, branded them and grew my territory by communicating with them weekly.”

That pattern of individual marketing, communication and effective branding soon became the hallmark of Hannerle Moore’s approach to buying and selling luxury real estate.

After she built her success at the newspaper, she moved back into real estate with a vengeance in the mid 1990s and never looked back. She worked for ARVIDA, selling Grand Bay and residential real estate on Longboat Key and was part of what she calls a phenomenal team. She soon made a name for herself.

“I needed to stand out. I had to do something different. I created a newsletter, mailed out postcards of the properties and created my own personal brand. I rose through the ranks quickly.”

The art of listening

Within three years, Hannerle built a strong business based on creating an individual marketing plan for each property. She says her childhood, where she was exposed to different personalities from around the world, taught her to be a listener — “to let the other person talk,” as she puts it.

And Hannerle’s communication with customers is constant: reports, Internet hit counts, phone calls and mailings of all her marketing pieces from Longboat Key News to international publications is central to keeping the owners of her listings informed. She leaves nothing to chance.

“To give great customer service you have to have an organized plan — It is not haphazard. The property is not getting the correct exposure if you just do ads about you and your accolades. It takes a full marketing plan and one client at a time,” she says.

Ask Hannerle how she navigates and finds such success even in a down market, and she is direct.

“I respond by really staying on top if it. When I leave a showing, I give my clients feedback immediately. I mail a copy of each and every ad and how many Internet hits the property has received and from how many countries. I commit specifically at listing presentations to exactly what I will do for the client. Nobody ever turns to me and says ‘you have not done enough.’”

Hannerle never stops honing her craft. Every summer she adds a new layer to the business. Her first summer as an agent she added a newsletter, the next year a direct mailer.

“I don’t just work in my business, I work on my business. I look for new tools and marketing pieces, always thinking about what could be done better.”

Over the past several years, Hannerle has created and implemented numerous Internet marketing programs and says her goals when it comes to the Web are in perfect sync with Michael Saunders & Company.

“My listings and presence are replicated on more than 2,000 websites globally through Michael Saunders & Company. It is a huge marketing opportunity.”

The art of Living

Despite her passion for real estate, Hannerle still finds time to take in the beauty of Sarasota and her islands.

“Every day I drive over the bridge I take in the reflection of the boats, the turquoise waters and the skyline — I never have stopped noticing the incredible beauty of Longboat Key and Sarasota.”

And Hannerle has numerous interests, all directly connected with the arts. She gardens, especially with flowers, collects art, weaves baskets, makes jewelry and is a voracious reader.

“But my real love is the interesting people from all over the world who come here. We have a small town with big city amenities: shopping, restaurants and the arts. I have not closed my eyes to its beauty. I could not imagine living anywhere else.”