2008 was a challenging year for the nation’s real estate markets. Ours was certainly no exception. Yet truth be told, committed homebuyers are canvassing our Southwest Florida neighborhoods in far greater numbers than most news-hardened consumers have been conditioned to believe. After all, people do still exit the family nest, co-habit, get married, give birth, separate, divorce, get new jobs, relocate, retire, downsize, upsize or even win the lottery. There is still plenty of movement. There always is.

In displaying each of our closed transactions for 2008 we do so not only to illustrate that ours continues to be a market very much in demand for the best-priced properties; but also to thank those who expressed supreme confidence in the long-term viability of our community by making the commitment to purchase a home. If your goal is to buy or sell a home in 2009, we welcome the opportunity to help you succeed brilliantly.

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MSC 2008 Sold SheetMSC 2008 Sold Sheet

MSC 2008 Sold Sheet