Thursday, 20th May – All eyes were on the Canadian Dollar (CAD) on April 6th as it hit parity against the US Dollar (USD). However the run seems to be over as commodity prices drop off and the CAD falls to 0.9350.

Historically, commodity prices drive the CAD, no real surprise for this export led economy. Volatility is predicted for the commodities market as concerns over demand from Europe continue, this means a volatile time for the CAD in the coming days and weeks.

What does this mean for the many Canadian clients taking advantage of the affordable real estate in Florida at the moment? To put it simply – buy USD now!

Moneycorp can help your clients lock in the exchange rate today, even if they do need to take delivery of the funds for up to 2 years in advance. We will also ensure your clients get the most competitive rates and best possible service.

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Laura McLoughlin, Regional Manager Moneycorp USA