The rental market on Florida’s Gulf Coast is HOT! 

  • Over the last four months, the rental section on has had a total of 20,666 Visitors.

*  There were 17,436 Unique Visitors or approximately 155 unique visitors per day or 4670 unique visitors per month.

*  The unique visitor traffic in January has increased by 36% in comparison to November and December’s traffic. – Season is in high gear!

  •  Visitors have consumed 98,790 pages of rental information for an average of 4.72 pages/visit and staying on the site an average of 3 min 13 sec.

*   In January, consumers consumed 27,283 pages of rental information and have outperformed November by 24% and December by 39%.

  •  The top countries to visit the rental section are US, Canada, and UK (more details in the attached PDF file).
  •  The top US States to visit the rental section are Florida, New York, and Ohio (more details in the attached PDF file).

How are visitors viewing the rental section of our web site?

  • 77% of the visits to the rental section use Microsoft Windows on their computer, 14% use an Apple Mac, and 6.5% use an iPhone.
  • 10% of the traffic to the rental section is from mobile devices, which includes smartphones, iPads’, and Android tablets. The iPhone and iPad represent 89% of the mobile devices or 635 visits during this period.

Where are the online consumers coming from?

  • 57% of the traffic to the rental section during this period is coming from, while Google(CPC) is 26.91% and Google (Organic) is 7.77%.
  • In January, Google (organic) has more than doubled in sending consumers to the rental section than in November and December.