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1. We must dominate the next 6 months to dominate the next decade.

The next six months are critical. Those that show up to work every day and prospect will differentiate themselves from those agents that check out early for the holidays. Get up every workday, get dressed for work, go to work and once there – work!! I realize that sounds simple and it is. However, it is not easy. Be the real estate professional in your marketplace that commits to working hard over the next 180 days.

2. We must be prepared for EVERY type of appointment.

We can’t miss one single opportunity. We must be able to close each appointment. Every agent should have 4 different and distinct presentation manuals:

  1. Listing Manual
  2. Buyer Manual
  3. Price Correction Manual
  4. Presentation of Offer Manual

Each manual should be filled with visuals, charts, graphs and articles that support what we are suggesting the client should do. If you do not have all 4 manuals, start creating them immediately.

3. We must start building the foundation for a great 2011.

Happy New Year!! Most of the deals we put into contract from now until the end of the year will actually close in 2011. Almost every buyer we meet and listing we take in the next two months will close next year. You are now building your 2011 income. If you had a successful 2010, great!! Now you must work hard in order to reach your 2011 goals. If 2010 was a challenge, the good news is it is over. Start building the foundation for a fabulous 2011.

4. We must manage our expectations properly.

Some of us are judging our daily success by whether or not we did a deal (listing, listing sold, buyer sale) that day. If we did not, we see our effort as futile. We must make sure that we instead quantify success based on whether we did the activities that success requires. As an example, if a person is losing weight (me for instance), they can’t judge success by the pounds they lost that day. Instead, they have to judge their success in terms of whether they ate properly and exercised. If I eat wisely and exercise, the weight loss is guaranteed to come. If you do the activities that will create deals, the deals are guaranteed to come.

5. We must be an evangelist!

Over the next 180 days, we will see headlines that will not be pretty. Some will be accurate, some will not. People may be afraid to act on their real estate goals because of the fear these headlines create. All fear comes from ignorance. Educate your buyers and sellers. Remove the fear. Know why a buyer should look at cost, not price. Know how much a move-up seller can save in this type of market. Know which headlines accurately depict the market and which to refute (and know how to refute them). It is our job to be evangelists for the American Dream. Be the real estate ‘expert’ in your marketplace!!