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  • Michael Saunders & Company Foundation Information

    12:14 pm on June 2, 2011 | Comments:0
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  • Christie's International Real Estate Comparative Charts March 2011

    11:03 am on March 10, 2011 | Comments:0
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  • Tips to Differentiate Yourself through Value-Added Selling

    10:55 am on July 28, 2010 | Comments:0
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    RISMEDIA, July 28, 2010—One of the most difficult challenges in selling is to compete against a competitor who is willing to cut cost. Businesses are free to compete on price, service or quality, and consumers are free to make buying decisions on these criteria. But competing on price will only cost you profit. Why do some companies offer discounts? Well first of all, it’s a way to buy market share, kind of like a loss leader in retail. They treat the loss as a way to gain customers. The problem is that if they ever want to raise their fee and make a profit, it will be very difficult to do so. They may get more market share…but not more profit. Both you and your company are sometimes tempted to cut a fee to get one more listing or one more percentage market share; only you can answer, is it worth it? (More …)

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  • Finding Real Estate Success – Selling to the Four Temperament Styles

    5:10 pm on July 26, 2010 | Comments:0
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    By John Boe

    RISMEDIA, July 21, 2010—Have you ever wondered why you seem to hit it off right away with some customers, while with others it’s more like oil and water? That’s because we respond intuitively to the natural chemistry, or lack thereof, between temperament styles. Our temperament style not only determines our behavioral traits, body language patterns and buying style, but it also influences our compatibility with other people.

    Today we have access to innovative tools such as the Internet, cell phones, faxes and voice mail, all designed to enhance our communications and support us in selling more effectively. Nevertheless, even with all of these technological tools at our disposal, the alarming number of failed relationships, dissatisfied employees and lost sales all reflect the fact that none of us are as effective at understanding others as we would like to believe. For example, what about that sale you thought you had made, but for some unknown reason your prospect changed their mind and didn’t buy…or at least they didn’t buy from you. Chances are you lost that sale because of your inability to recognize and adjust to your prospect’s preferred buying style. This temperament mismatch is often referred to as a “personality conflict.” (More …)

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  • For Social Media ROI, Content Rules

    9:17 am on July 15, 2010 | Comments:0
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    The Real Estate Professor by Gee Dunsten

    RISMEDIA, July 15, 2010—If we turn the clock back 30 years ago, when we started down this path as real estate agents, it was all about “Call us if you want to sell your home or find a home.” Eventually, we moved from a selling and listing focus to a marketing and then social marketing focus. In the last 2-3 years in particular, however, our industry has experienced perhaps our most significant shift—we’ve moved from being a product-based industry to an advice-based industry. This is exactly where social media comes in.

    As real estate professionals, social media allows us to expand our reach and can help position us as what I call “knowledge leaders.” But this doesn’t happen just by posting or tweeting. Using social media effectively requires creating a specific strategy, and this strategy must revolve around providing content, because this business is no longer about us, it’s about understanding what we can provide in terms of advice. It’s no longer about who we know—it’s about who knows us and this is where social media plays a big role. (More …)

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  • Op-Ed: The Role of Appraisal Inflation in Loan Securitization

    1:19 pm on July 14, 2010 | Comments:0
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    By George W. Mantor

    RISMEDIA, July 13, 2010—Street level appraisers have been getting a lot of heat for their role in the rise and collapse of real estate values and most of it is unfair. Without exception, every appraiser I have ever met was professional, direct, and considered the facts when arriving at his or her opinion of value.

    That isn’t to say that there aren’t dishonest appraisers. I’m certain that just like any occupation, the percentage of bad apples probably mirrors the population in general.

    And, there is no question that there is pressure, both subtle and not so subtle, to hit the “right number.” Opportunities certainly exist for appraisers to profit from either inflating or deflating values. But, blaming them or suggesting that they were responsible for the crash, fails to acknowledge the parties who had the most to gain from inflating values—like Wall Street.

    Much of the misunderstanding emanates from an inaccurate view of the residential appraisal and its role in financing. The appraisal is not undertaken to determine the value of the property so much as to satisfy the underwriter that the risk is acceptable. (More …)

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  • With New Media, the Same Marketing Principles Apply

    9:27 am on July 1, 2010 | Comments:0
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    Home-selling Strategies by Chris Kaucnik

    RISMEDIA, July 1, 2010—Measuring the success of your marketing efforts is always critical, but some media is built to be measured in the short term, while others are more structured for brand building, to be measured long term.

    This is the case with social media. It is being utilized successfully today to augment the building of powerful brands of any size. The effect of regular, brand-building posts and interaction can create more transparency between you and your potential clients, and give them a feel for what you are all about. One of the beauties of this media is that you can use it to help build a local business brand or an international one.

    When used properly, social media will accelerate the buying process, the speed at which you can go from awareness to sale. However, it’s more difficult to track and measure this type of benefit on your own. One way is to watch where new referrals are coming from. You may find a pattern of more referrals from those you engage with on social media. (More …)

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  • 5 Things Sellers Must Require of a Real Estate Agent

    8:55 am on July 1, 2010 | Comments:0
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    Are you thinking of selling your home? Are you dreading having to deal with strangers walking through the house? Are you concerned about getting the paperwork correct? Hiring a professional real estate agent can take away most of the challenges of selling. A great agent is always worth more than the commission they charge just like a great doctor or great accountant. You want to deal with one of the best agents in your marketplace. To do this, you must be able to distinguish the average agent from the great one. Let us help.

    If I were hiring an agent to sell my home today, I would require they:

    1. Tell me the truth about the price

    Too many agents just take the listing at any price and then try to the ‘work the seller’ for a price correction later. Demand that the agent prove to you that they have a belief in the price they are suggesting. Make them show you their plan to sell the house at that price – TWICE! Every house in today’s market must be sold two times – first to a buyer and then to the bank.

    The second sale may be more difficult than he first. The residential appraisal process has gone through a complete overhaul in the last twelve months. It has become more difficult to get the banks to agree on the contract price. A red flag should be raised if your agent is not discussing this with you at the time of the listing. (More …)

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  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Make Every Connection More Meaningful

    10:27 am on June 14, 2010 | Comments:0
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    RISMEDIA, March 20, 2010—Connecting with today’s consumer is all about reaching out and communicating through the medium in which they are most comfortable. Here, Brian Wildermuth, Founder and President of SharperAgent discusses how you can make every communication meaningful by segmenting your marketing message and method of communication.

    Brian Wildermuth
    Founder & President

    Over the past several months, I have read countless articles espousing that “e-mail is dead.” Many say that Facebook and Twitter are the communication mode of today and will soon be replaced by Googlewave or other such hybrid/mashed tools. The fact of the matter is, some people are so focused on looking for the next greatest thing that they are missing out on benefiting from the tools they already have right in front of them. (More …)

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  • Sales of luxury properties ramping up, Saunders says

    2:26 pm on June 8, 2010 | Comments:0
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    by Tom Bayles

    SALES AGENTS FROM MICHAEL Saunders & Co. have been involved in 34 sales in the $2-million-and-up market, setting residential sales records unbeaten as of last Thursday on many of Sarasota County’s keys.

    Highest Year-to-Date Waterfront Sale

    The biggie was the largest waterfront sale in Sarasota County so far this year, a Lido Shores home that sold for $8.4 million in March. Linda Roe Dickinson, of the firm’s St. Armands office, represented the buyers.

    On Longboat Key, Kathy Simonds, of the Longboat Key South office, brought the buyers to the largest residential sale this year at a Gulf-front property on Gulf of Mexico Drive that closed in late April for $6.65 million.

    On Siesta Key, Saunders’ agents — Dickinson again along with Kim Ogilvie of the firm’s Main Street office — brought both sides to the biggest sale this year on Sanderling Road for $6.425 million. (More …)

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