Pictured: Maui. Photo: Paul Costello, Condé Nast TravelerTop Islands
The world’s top 50 islands hide a big secret: There are actually more than 3,300 of them, stretching from the South Pacific to the North Atlantic. Consider Bermuda, the top-rated islands in the Western Hemisphere—yes, islands. Comprised of 138 isles, it is, like many winners, an archipelago. There are 3 Caymans, 41 Tuamotus, 115 Seychelles, and a whopping 1,185 Dalmatians. The No. 1 winner (for the 14th time), Maui is the only island to score above 90 this year. Closer to home, several North American islands make their top 10 debut: Victoria, Florida’s Longboat Key, and St. Simons.
1. Kiawah, 83
2. Victoria Island, 82.6
3. Longboat Key, Fla., 80.3
4. Vancouver Island, 79.4
5. Nantucket, 78.2
6. Amelia Island, 77.4
7. Mount Desert Island, Me., 76
8. Prince Edward Island, 75.6
9. Hilton Head, 74.8
10. St. Simons Island, Ga., 74.6